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Lost Within - Preview
Medusa - Preview
Outrun the Past - Preview
Eye of the Storm - Preview
Power of Seven
Ghost - Preview
Through Fire & Flame - Preview
Beyond - Preview

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Watch the World Burn
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We are a metal band with progressive and symphonic influences based in Oshawa, Ontario.

Drawing inspiration from the Greek God of Dreams, Morpheus, Visions of Morpheus delves deep into the world of dreams and the subconscious. Our sound, marked by powerful riffs, strong drumming, and emotional vocals, takes listeners on a journey through the intricate landscape of the mind.

Each song is more than just a track – it’s a dive into the unseen world within us. Our aim with our music is to create a bridge, connecting conscious thoughts with underlying emotions and unspoken desires.

Much like the ancient deity we take our name from, we excel at creating immersive musical landscapes that leave a lasting impact.

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